Let me start by sharing my journey. I am a lifelong serial-entrepreneur, teacher, artist, designer, and avid gardener.

I believe in the power of natural healing and the spiritual connection we all have with the earth.

I have consulted and led workshops on healing, personal growth, and entrepreneurship.

My husband and I created the Martyn House Glamping Bed and Breakfast where guests communed with nature while sleeping in luxury tents from India. We hosted several Farm to Table Dinners yearly connecting guests to the land and food they ate as well as hosting intimate weddings and other celebratory events

We also created the Ellijay Coffeehouse..which was promoted as a ‘local living room’

I am energetic, creative, and a believer in our personal power to make change.

My life dramatically changed in 2022 when my husband and I sold our businesses and homestead in North Georgia to start a new life in Portland, Maine. Embracing this new lifestyle, free of responsibilities, As I pondered this new life, I reflected on the values that are important to me: a deep connection with spirit, community, life-long learning, inspiration, creativity, and soulful conversations….i call it The Creatrix Journey